Saturday, September 5, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award: A Bowl Full of Petty Crap

Steaming Load: This week, a collection of petty crap has reached critical mass as one big stinker.

Turd 1: A Colorado Demoncrat Partyoutpost which is festooned with posters supporting DeathCare is vandalized.

The head of Colorado’s Demoncrat Party blames VRWC extremists who are out to get her main man, Messiah Barry.

When the real culprit is quickly apprehended and proven to be - TA DA - a Demoncrat ‘activist’, the mouthy leader of Colorado Demoncrats continues to blame ‘extremists’ who are out to destroy Messiah Barry’s DeathCare.

Colorado’s rational adults wonder why someone hasn’t smacked down the Colorado Demoncrat Party’s designated bitch.

Turd 2: The ACLU spies on covert CIA agents, takes their pictures, then shows the photos to their Club Gitmo ‘clients’.

Was there blowback from MSM which went Valerie Plame bonkers? Nope. All we heard was stonewalling silence.

Were there significant legal repercussions from the U.S. Attorney General? Only if you consider making meaningful noises significant legal repercussions.

Sovereign American individuals realize that Attorney General Eric Holder is biggest turd who ever ran the Department of Injustice.

Turd 3: A Demoncrat Congresspunk from Virginia brings in a ringer - Howlin' Howie Dean - to do all the talking.

A sovereign individual at the meeting boos Howlin' Howie, saying "He’s not my representative, you are."

The Congresspunk vilifies the protester as an ‘outside agitator’, then demands to see the man’s ID. That’s when Congresspunk found out that he just pissed off ANOTHER constituent. He passes laws that impact all of us, but he only talks to people from his district? Bullshit!

Virginia voters must look forward to firing this piece of Congressional shit.

Turd 4: Cash for Convicts sends 3,900 inmates $250 stimulus checks.

Socialist Security looks into it, claims that 2,200 of the recipients are legit.

Rational adults mutter darkly about a Second American Revolution.

Turd 5: Messiah Barry’s Red Shed Kevorkian favors government sponsored euthanasia for those American’s who aren’t significant contributors to ‘society as a whole’.

His name is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel - yes, this murdering son-of-a-bitch is Rahmbo’s brother - and he’s Messiah Barry’s chief healthcare advisor.

He wants to allocate ‘limited’ healthcare resources to the ‘most deserving’ at the expense of seasoned citizens, children, and those afflicted with AIDS, leukemia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, etc.

Ezekiel Kevorkian calls this ‘you’re no good to us, so crawl off and die’ scheme "Quality-adjusted life year’ (QALY), but I call it by its proper name: government-sanctioned murder of those deemed ‘undesirable’.

The Reader’s Digest version is chilling. If you’re in your 20s,30s, or 40s, in good health and require little medical professional assistance, you’re DeathCare cool. If you’re over 65, you’re deemed expendable and not worth saving. If you’re a kid, you’re expendable too. Unstated, but implicit in this ‘for the good of society as a whole’ bullcrap, is the plan to target as many sovereign individuals as possible, for the good of Messiah Barry’s ‘tyrant for life’ reign of terror.

Rational American adults are stunned to find out that Rahmbo isn’t the biggest turd in the Emanuel family crapper.

It’s time to put an end to all these stinkers. It’s time to flush every damn one of them...

Perpetrated by: Hambo


  1. King,

    On Sunday afternoon, I cut the crap and updated Steaming Load.


  2. I'm on it!

    Though it looks like you gave an American Asshat Ex-Lax with the above bowl full of floaters!


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