Monday, July 27, 2009

Which OH Attorney General Candidate "really" supports our 2nd Amendment Rights?

Lifetime politicians -- you just got to love 'em! They have the say one thing - do another trick down pat. The other dog & pony politician trick they do well is "seeing the light." "Seeing the light" is when an out of work life time politician running for office or one running for reelection change their previous unpopular views.

In the upcoming race for Ohio Attorney General winner of the GOP primary between Delaware County Prosectuor Dave Yost and former Senator Mike "I Hate Guns" DeWine will face off against current Attorney General Dick Cordray.

Buckeye Firearms reposted an interview about OH gun owner rights between RightOhio's Matt Naugle & Cordray. In this interview you are able to tell the wishy-washy former supporter of the Brady Bill Cordray does his best at trying to pretend he is pro-gun and that he undeniably supports our 2nd Amendment rights. He says he does, but you can tell he's having a hard time swallowing that pill.

On the other hand, we see hypocrisy at its' best -- Mike DeWine! Putting on his big girl panties and tightening up his jock supporter a little bit, Little Mikey buys himself a water pistol, straps it on, does his best John Wayne impersonation and becomes a strong 2A defender over night -- even though his record proves otherwise...

From Buckeye Firearms --

Meanwhile, one of the Republicans who is seeking to oppose Cordray next November - anti-gun former Senator Mike DeWine - took time at his campaign announcement event to try and convince voters he is a convert.

From the Toledo Blade:

Mr. DeWine angered some with his votes on gun issues and by joining with U.S. Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) and Democrats in the "Gang of 14" that helped resolve a stalemate over confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court justices.

"I would ask to be judged by the totality of my work," Mr. DeWine said. "... I wrote a bill as state senator to say that, if you use a gun in the commission of a felony, we're going to add additional time to your sentence."

He said he understands where Ohioans stand on the gun issue and pledged to uphold allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns. "It has worked, and it has worked well," he said. "The fears expressed in the past turned out not to be true."

Promises that he would simply do his job aside, DeWine did not renounce his 2006 Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.)endorsement, his support for the Clinton Gun Ban, his support for closing the mythical "gun show loophole", or the many other gun control schemes he is on record as supporting. More...

Promises Promises! So summing up the OH Attorney General race we have current AG Dick Cordray reluctantly swallowing the 2A pill, Mike DeWine delusional about his 2A views and Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost who has a record of supporting and defending our 2A rights.

So who would a conservative person vote for in this election? Most likely it would be Yost, as I will. But, if you're a Crooked River Kool-Aid drinking social club member of Little Robbie's Republicans in Cuyahoga County the obvious choice would be the life time RINO -- Mike DeWine.


  1. Yes indeed King and as you know Mayor Akers one of the leaders of the Party(on all committees, isnt he?) is also a leader of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns gun control front group. Sickening.

  2. I just want to be clear... would this be the same Mayor Akers of the Republican Prostitutes of Cuyahoga County that said Barack Obama is a good example for American families?

    Well since they openly support same sex marriage, urged by their chairman to support democras & are pro choice -- whats a little smashing of our 2A rights?

  3. That would be that very one. When did they officially sanction being for same sex depravity?


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