Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ganley closer to kicking off run for U.S. Senate

Local auto dealer, Tom Ganley is one step closer to making a formal announcement on his run for the U.S. Senate....
"We're in the final stages of interviewing a campaign manager," Ganley said in a telephone conversation this afternoon. Once that is done, possibly by the end of next week, he will plan a kickoff news conference and a series of press events across Ohio.

"I am very, very serious about this," he said when told that some people dismiss his candidacy. "I think we're going to be much more aggressive and professional about this than people expect." (PD)

Ganley, a political newcomer, faces an uphill battle against lifetime politician & Bush retread, Rob Portman. While Ganley will face an uphill battle, saying some people have already dismissed his candidacy is an understatement. As soon as Portman announced he would be running for Senate the political hacks were tripping over their do-nothing asses as they lined up to support him.

I know locally, while maybe smiling & patting Ganley on the back, the party hacks and leaders have already decided to back Portman. You can be sure the party patsies here in Cuyahoga County will be using everything in the book to sway the RPCC endorsement towards Portman.

Efforts will be taken to try and talk Ganley out of running, ala Blob Bennett's mantra of no primary competition between candidates. The power structure of the ORP does not like it when their "chosen" candidates has competition in the primary race. They feel this is a drain on money and resources which can be used in the general election.

Though no physical threats are used, political intimidation is the usual tool of choice, as we can see here from Portman's campaign manager...
Asked to comment, Paduchik said via e-mail, "Since Rob Portman announced his campaign for Senate we have secured the endorsements of an overwhelming majority of Republican elected officials, party leaders and grassroots activists; and have raised more than $3 million.

Hopefully this sheds some light on the political party tactics for the newly politically motivated people. For the average person wanting to get involved, for most, the statement from Portman's campaign manager would be enough to scare them away.

What does it say at this point in time, without knowing who or if anyone would challenge Portman, that GOP elected officials, party leaders and grassroots activists would blindly back Portman?

It says and shows that to keep in favor with the party, they will blindly back the party leader favorite. This is why most often people are left to pick between the lesser of two evils on general election day.

Let's hope that is not the case with Ganley who has the financial wherewithal to possibly make this a competitive primary.


  1. I think this is the revolution in its infancy. Grassroot average joe's so fed-up they take to the candidacy to change politics into the honest, ethical landscape we want.

    More power to him. I wish him luck.

  2. This guy is exactly who we need to run for DiMora's seat!!!!!!!! Which hopefully will be vacant in 2010. Could you imagine the campaign Ganley could put together and how he would kick ass in the county admin building? I am sorry to be a broken record King, but a senator is a legislature, it is a dinosaur institution. County commissioner is an executive position, and Ganley obviously knows how to be an effective executive. Why does everyone run for the wrong office? Petro should run against Dennis! Ganley against DiMora or DiMora's replacement. I am done whinning.


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