Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reservist gets Honorable Discharge for Disgracing our Military & our Country

This disgusting Army reservist sounds like a modern day version of the American Traitor - John Kerry....

An Army reservist who refused to deploy to Iraq says he's been given a general discharge under honorable conditions. Matthis Chiroux says that means he retains most of his benefits. Some veterans are upset by his defiance, but some are just as upset by something Chiroux did on Fox 2 News in the Morning. Chiroux wore his Army fatigues when he appeared on Fox 2 Tuesday morning, but his American flag patch on his right arm, was upside down.

"That's very upsetting. That says a lot," says Desert Storm Veteran Jeff Vilcek. To Vilcek and other veterans at VFW Post 3500 in Richmond Heights, the flag is America, and someone wearing it upside down is an un-American insult.

"What about all the other ones that died?" asks Frank Laury. "The guy's all wrong. He's wrong."

After his daylong hearing was over, Chiroux appeared at a Veterans for Peace meeting, without his uniform on, and defended his flag display. "That upside down flag, it is patriotic," he says. "It is a patriotic expression of distress and this nation is in distress and I'm not ashamed to say so." (KTVI)

While he has every right as a citizen to voice his opinion, as a soldier he is a disgrace to our country and every person that has proudly served our country! Honorable Discharge my ass - he should be sent to prison or sent on patrol in Iraq with an empty water pistol!

That he would even think of defending his display & wearing of an upside down American flag while in uniform should earn him a blanket party from all our veterans.

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