Sunday, April 19, 2009

Does Hugo Chavez want to send an Ambassador or an Advisor?

Like any person wanting to disrupt or assert their influence over a country or a person, Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez, appears to be moving closer to the United States. Once dismissing United States Premier Obamao as an idiot (my words), Chavez may see an opportunity in spreading socialism.

After making Chavezs' Castro pals in Cuba our "new" friends, giving Premier Obamao a book on foreign exploitation of Latin America, telling Obamao he wants to be friends, along with Obamao stating, "The United States was founded on shared beliefs with Mexico," Chavez began working on SecRATtary of State Hillary Clinton at the Summit of Americas meeting.

It appears Chavez wants to send a Venezuealan ambassador to the United States....
Hugo Chavez said Saturday that he is offering up his top diplomat to be Venezuela's ambassador in Washington in hopes of starting a "new era" in relations, an announcement that left the Obama administration considering its next move.

Hammer said Chavez initiated contact with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday afternoon and they spoke for about "30 seconds" at the end of a meeting of South American nations that the U.S. delegation attended.

Clinton "welcomes this development, and the State Department will now work to further that shared goal," said another official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the discussions. More...
Seeing that Obamao is slowly nationalizing the banking industry and eventually our automakers, using the terms "for best interest of our country," Chavez sees Obamao moving the same way he did when he nationalized the ports, rice fields, oil industry, etc... in Venezuela.

This just begs me to ask... is Chavez sending an ambassador or an advisor?


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