Tuesday, April 28, 2009

City of Strongsville's Back Door Attack on Gun Owners

The City of Strongsville is putting a new spin on how to make life uneasy for gun owners. Strongsville is strong arming your rights away by making it illegal to sell any of your privately owned firearms from your home.

Jim Irvine, Chairman of Buckeye Firearms Assoc. & Strongsville resident posted the following...

The City of Strongsville, Ohio has recently passed a new ordinance that bans the selling of any firearms, or part of a firearm or ammunition, or manufacture of any of the above in areas that are zoned residential. The ordinance reads in part:

1252.36 Prohibited uses.
Nothwithstanding (sic) anything in this Chapter 1252 to the contrary, the sale or manufacture for sale of a firearm, firearm components, deadly weapons, ammunition for a firearm, explosive is prohibited in all Residential Districts.

(Click here to read the entire ordinance)

So under this ordinance, which was sponsored by Mayor Tom Perciak and Councilman Ray Haseley, I could not sell a friend a gun in his house, or my house. We will be required to go down to the local grocery store, or a playground parking lot, or maybe even in front of city hall to do the transaction, because none of those areas are "residential districts."

We need to start by understanding that because this is a zoning issue, it is not preempted by Sec 9.68 that HB347 enacted to establish uniform firearm laws throughout the state.

In the North Royalton/ Strongsville Sun Star's coverage, Councilman Haseley is quoted as saying, "We wanted to put some teeth into the legislation and we don't want that type of thing being sold out of homes." (emphasis added)

Law Director Ken Kraus is quoted in the Sun Star's article as saying, "There haven't been any incidents created, like excessive parking, traffic or safety issues, but we just thought in reviewing our ordinances that we should close that loophole for the future." (emphasis added) More...

Continue reading Jim's post as he goes into further detail on the double speak he is getting from city officials.

Using other tactics, laws or edicts, like in IL where they are trying to impose a $1 million liability insurance requirement to be a gun owner, will now be the new flavor of the day for making it more difficult to become or continue being a legal gun owner.


  1. Whew....I was worried there. So it means I can still sell guns out of the trunk of my car in the parking lot of City Hall right?

  2. Strongsville is also a Chartered City. All we would need are signatures for a Charter Amendment to get this thing on the ballot and revoked.


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