Thursday, April 23, 2009

President Pimp Daddy now Bailing Out the World

It has been difficult getting back into the swing of blogging again after taking a break while I helped with the Cleveland Tea Party. But this story proves why the movement of these Tea Parties is so important.

Our investment with little or no return – the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank is facing a financial crisis. The IMF is reporting they will be facing a projected loss of $4.1 Trillion. The IMF mainly exists to serve as an international welfare department for under developed or developing countries.

Now sit down – this next part will surely come as a shock... guess who the IMF is blaming for the largest portion of these predicted losses? The USA of course! It is being reported that $2.7 trillion is from loans and assets originating in the United States.

How does this get fixed? An international bail out of course! At a recent meeting, President Print Me Some Mo’ Money, joined other leaders in pledging over $1 Trillion to help save what should be called the World Welfare Fund.

Analysts said the $1.1 trillion sum assumed huge contributions by the United States, China and other countries, which may or may not come through. It also counts some contributions more than once, and it counts some in the form of a synthetic I.M.F. currency that is not hard cash. (NYT)

Not happy with bailing out banks or the auto industry, and since he has fixed the financial woes of the United States, President Pimp Daddy, now wants to get in the business of bailing out countries....

Among European countries, the fund has already agreed to more than $55 billion in loans to Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Iceland, Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia. More may yet need to be bailed out.

On Tuesday, Colombia became the second Latin American country to seek aid, requesting $10.4 billion. Last Friday, the fund approved a $47 billion line of credit for Mexico, making it the first country to qualify for a loan from a program that extends credit to emerging economies that are considered well managed. Poland also said this week that it would seek a $20.5 billion credit line under that program.

For all you Obamatron's -- is this the change you voted for? As you have probably heard and as you can see from the above, the only "change" Americans will be getting is mixed up with the lint in our pockets!

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