Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cleveland Tea Party - A Smashing Success

Now that I have caught up with my emails, sort of, I will post on one helluva a party. The Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party was a smashing success. Since the Tea Parties are about moving forward I will not bore you with the details leading up to it. I will say at times, having my chest hair waxed would have been more painful, but the Cleveland Tea Party Committee, Glynn, Betsy, Roger, Cynthia, pushed towards one goal - the Tea Party.

I'm not a sissy that wells up and cries, but I will tell you... looking out over that crowd of of over 2500 - 3000 Americans coming together - was just awe inspiring and almost breath taking. When Adena, CJ and Doc performed all 4 verses of the Star Spangled Banner - holy crap! You could not help but get a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye as the meaning of the Tea Party and for what our country stands overwhelmed you.

From our first speaker, Jess (USAF Retired) to our keynote - Bob Frantz, it was great. There was much concern, and rightfully so, that having an elected official, OH Senator Tim Grendell, and some with political backgrounds, Jim Trakas and Sandy O'Brien, would turn this into a political hackfest. I am glad to say, those concerns were quickly dispelled. Knowing what Tim, Sandy & Jim stand for, in my heart, I knew they would be embraced by the crowd - and boy were they! In case the feds in the crowd did not hear - Grendell is spelled with two L's.

Organized Opposition

In working closely with the Cleveland Police Dept, we were prepared for throngs of organized opposition and we did not have one guy. Ooops, let me re-phrase that - we had a guy who likes guys, young guys that is. Yep, as expected, like a guy in trench coat with a bag of candy lurking around a playground, Teen Tickling Timmy was there.

Even though he may often think about tea-bagging Premier Obamao's nuts, he was given a warm welcome at our Tea Party - but he didn't think so. The "sack sniggler" tried his him/her best at disrupting the Tea Party but actually turned into fodder for some of the respectable & peaceful attendees. Click here & read his version of events, (the comments are hilarious) then click here and read Scene Magazine's description of how Timmy tip-toed away...

A few minutes later, with Phillips standing near the curb, still with his flag, Russo pointed him out to the officer. “He just threw me out!” Russo stammered. “I did not,” Phillips replied. “He can be here if he wants.” And so the cop merely says, “Well, then, that’s the end of it,” gets back in his car and pulls away.

Russo throws his hands up, walks back into the gathering. “He was threatening me,” says Russo, “following me around and screaming about my criminal conviction.”

Aw. Maybe he shoulda called for a wahhhmbulance.
NOW, to answer the biggest question from the Cleveland Tea Party... Now what? The answer is we move forward. We take the friends, contacts and info gained and mover forward with not change, but respect & restoration... respect of our Founding Documents and restoration of the values & rights for which they stand.

The first thing "WE the People" do is, say hello to Janet Napolitano. Nippleheaded Napolitano has labeled, not only our soldiers, but anyone believing in the rights endeared upon us in our Founding Documents as radicals and candidates for right-wing extremism. This is in step with an overall propaganda program headed by the MSM in which the masses are dumbed down and those resisting the re-defining of our Constitution are labeled as extremists and radicals. (Can anyone say Nazi Germany, USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, etc...?)

Click here for more pics from the Cleveland Tea Party. Video & podcasts will be up soon. Please be sure to sign up and join us. Thanks to the volunteers (Barry too), those who donated, Bob Frantz & WTAM, all the speakers, Adena, CJ & Doc for the incredible musical performances and most importantly -- the thousands in attendance who helped make this possible.

In closing, I must respectfully dispute what some of our great speakers said at the event. The Tea Parties are a movement, not a revolution. While a revolution does describe something that keeps coming round and round, this sounds too much like a spinning wheel. We are done spinning our wheels! This is a movement and we are moving forward!


  1. You call that a rally.

    Where are the bashed in store windows? The confrontations with cops? Where's the riot police for Heaven's sake?


  2. Obama has made it clear that he couldn't care less what the TEA Party demonstrators were trying to get through his head- so will now enact his radical agenda regardless of the costs, and is willing to pull us into the abyss to do it.
    In Barack's world, even if impeached tomorrow, he could always brag that he fired the CEO of GM- the ultimate class-enemy. And spending trillions of dollars' worth of your and the next 2-3 generations' money doesn't seem to bother him one bit- he acts like it doesn't even merit discussion. We hear plenty about his neckties, lengthy puppy-vetting process, and how Barack likes to play "hoops", though.
    It's hard to imagine a worse combination in a leader than managerially-inexperienced narcissist with Bolshevik mentors and weird grudges.
    This guy thinks he's king of the universe, when his resume doesn't qualify him to run a muffler shop. And the only apparent "qualities" besides soaring rhetoric are towering arrogance and a black-hole where his conscience was supposed to be... explains how he did so well in the mafia-like Chicago Machine.
    And, GOOD JOB Cleveland, I'm proud- I'm a born n raised Cleveland boy myself. Go Browns!

  3. It was an interesting day and one which I am sure we will look back upon as the day the real change began. It will be a long journey -especially here in Cuyahoga County- but one which we will all be proud of. Thanks to all who worked so hard to organize, promote and manage this important event here in Cleveland.

  4. Gordon - even though you sign your post The Liberals - you cannot hide your conservatism. Don't worry - you are on Minister of Homeland Security Totalitano's list too!

    Thanks Dave. Cuyahoga County is broke and so are both parties running it. They will both be taught that the Parties do not set the agenda - the people do. Since they have continually ignored this - a house cleaning is in order and be sure it will come.

  5. Check out our summary of the Cleveland/Canton tea parties from the Ohio Objectivist Society - we were there handing out free copies of Atlas Shrugged and holding signs saying, "Atlas Will Shrug", "Who is John Galt?", etc.

    "In all, we handed out over 20 copies of Atlas Shrugged, over 40 copies of our booklet, and dozens of business cards. We got on a couple radio shows, one local TV news segment, and were interviewed by a small local newspaper, all to spread our name. And it's working - the emails are already pouring in, with people interested in future meetups, book reviews, etc."


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