Friday, April 24, 2009

Girlieman of the Week Award: Messiah Barry Obama

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --
Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: April 24, 2009

Girlieman: Messiah Barry Obama
Girlie Antics: Getting punked, repeatedly

When the North Koreans punked him with that missile test, Messiah Barry went girlie and furtive.

When French President Sarkozy punked him, by making fun of Barry’s messianic delusions, Messiah Barry went girlie and furtive.

When some Somali Maritime Organizers punked him, Messiah Barry went girlie and furtive, forcing the U.S. Navy to defy this gutless wonder’s orders, by ending the matter with three perfectly aimed head shots.

When Hugo "Skipper" Chavez punked him, publically, by giving Messiah Barry an America bashing book, Messiah Barry went girlie and furtive, then thanked Venezuela’s tyrant for life. Barry decided that there’s no point in angering a man who is boldly blazing the trail to tyranny that Messiah Barry is eager to follow.

When Daniel Ortega punked him, by castigating the United States of America in a 50 minute tirade, Messiah Barry, went girlie and furtive, following it up with an apology that shifted blame to all of his POTUS predecessors. Barry understands Ortega’s hatred of the USA, because he shares it. Besides, Ortega never named Barry, so it really has nothing to do with his messianic perfection.

When Fidel Castrol punked him for ‘misinterpreting’ Raul Castro’s response to Messiah Barry’s groveling, Messiah Barry went gutless and girlie. Barry decided that he didn’t need to get snarky over Cuba’s political prisoners or lowered ‘taxes’ on money sent to Cuba.

When the Iranians punked him, by railroading an American citizen into a jail cell for 8 years, Messiah Barry went gutless and girlie, refusing to get involved. It’s only one chad puncher and Barry has millions more like her, right here in the nation he loves to hate.

Gutless to the core, Messiah Barry is so wrapped up in his delusions of messianic perfection, that he deliberately misinterprets the relentless sneering at him, as signs of international approval. This genetic oddity - no spine and no balls - makes Jihad Jimmy look like George Patton-class ass kicker. He’s such a belly crawling, chronically cringing, guttersnipe, he gives cowardice a bad name. He’s also - and I doubt that it’s for the last time - the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

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