Friday, April 24, 2009

Paying for Julio's Healthcare

Unable to look under every cucumber plant, up every peach tree and behind every lawnmower, the best estimate for the produce-picking, grass-cutting, border-jumping, illegal immigrants in our country is between 12 to 20 million.

The overall financial strain being placed on our country from the jump a fence, float on a raft through shark infested water illegals is staggering. The negative impact on our healthcare costs is ridiculous. Collectively, if the costs we pay in healthcare alone for these peach-pickers were curtailed, there would have been no need to impose the tobacco tax paying for the bull -SCHIP bill, which by the way - is chock full of Chico's.

Costing the City of Los Angeles over $400 million in 2008 for illegal immigrant healthcare costs, Flori-duh is now being buried with the Free Band-Aids for Bandito's they are forced to give out...

From ALIPAC --

Carol Plato, who testified before a legislative committee, says the Florida Hospital Association estimates the cost is $100 million for illegal patient care.

And part of the reason the cost is so high, is because illegal aliens often use the emergency room as their primary care physician. Usually illegal's don't have insurance and very little money, which means they can pay the bill. However, that doesn't mean the bill isn't paid. Those who have insurance pick up the difference and that's a major reason things are so expensive when you're in the hospital.

Rueben says hospitals can not write off the $100 million debt being caused by illegals. According to Rueben, the hospitals have to cut costs or pass them on to people who can pay. Rueben says that is a big reason why health care costs are so high for people who have insurance. More...

Plato also testified that there are several case where illegal immigrants have each racked up over $1.5million in hospitable bills. It is estimated that a Flori-duh resident pays around $315 a year to cover the healthcare costs of the over 1 million illegal border jumpers in their state.

And if we multiply the $100 million by Premier Obamao's 57 states.... we get another bailout on the backs of Americans!

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