Thursday, April 23, 2009

More MSM Propaganda - Americans are Happy with Socialist Direction

For a long time it has been a known fact the MSM cannot be trusted to report accurate, unbiased news. For those involved with politics, we know a poll is only a snapshot in time, that depending on how the questions are asked and the poll participants- directly effects the outcome of the poll.

So take a skewed poll and feed it to the MSM and the propaganda takes shape...

For the first time in years, more Americans than not say the country is headed in the right direction, a sign that Barack Obama has used the first 100 days of his presidency to lift the public's mood and inspire hopes for a brighter future.

Intensely worried about their personal finances and medical expenses, Americans nonetheless appear realistic about the time Obama might need to turn things around, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. It shows most Americans consider their new president to be a strong, ethical and empathetic leader who is working to change Washington. (Yahoo)

Let me offer some info that will put this propaganda poll in perspective... the general public is far from agreeing with the direction of our country!

A Rasmussen poll indicates, not changing from last week, (37%) of likely voters say the nation is heading in the right direction, and 57% think the nation is heading in the wrong direction.

In another Rasmussen poll, it states that 80 % of the poll participants believe the out of control spending and the federal debt will bankrupt the future of our country. It further stated Premier Obamao's socialist policies and the 90 degree left turn he is taking our country has not earned him the highest of praise and has drawn mixed reviews.

On Tax Day (4/15/09) over 1.2 million Americans attended Tea Parties in over 850 locations across the US. In recent Rasmussen polls, over 51% of Americans agreed with the Tea Party movement as a way of speaking out against the feckless fools opening our pocket books and the direction our country is being led. Furthermore, approximately 32% of the country stated they would attend future Tea party events.

The other bright spot in the Rasmussen Poll is that the poltically elite are also upset about the new wave of Americans wanting to get involved. A more accurate term would be that they are scared. Scared... scared that they will soon be out of a job!

So where is the majority of the people that agree with the direction our country is taking?

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