Saturday, August 8, 2009

RINOvich's Hat Trick on Conservatism

Amazing.... including this hands down win, if Senator George Voinovich were a hockey player, his antics over the past week could be considered a Hat Trick on conservatism.

Senator George RINOvich, for again kicking the conservative voters of OH in the buckeyes, for bitch-slapping Lady Justice, , for being complicit in creating the start of a whole new touchy-feely Supreme Court, and for again laying down with the forces trying to destroy our country, has once again, yep - you guessed it, won the award named after him -- The Senator George Voinovich Golden RINO Award."

This time George "The Great Horned One" RINOvich voted for the confirmation of Judge Sonia "White Guys are Stupid" Sotomayor to be a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Completely shredding any hope that his sludge-like grey matter masquerading as a rational thinking brain really works, Groinovich offers up this diluted logic...

In a speech he prepared before going to the Senate floor, Voinovich said, "If I applied President Obama's standard, I would not be voting for Judge Sotomayor, his nominee. The President was wrong. His standard makes the whole nominations process an exercise in partisan politics."

"Judge Sotomayor is not the nominee I would have selected if I were president, but making a nomination is not my role here today," he said. "My role is to examine her qualifications to determine if she is fit to serve."

He concluded that based on her education, legal and judicial experience, judicial temperament, and commitment to the rule of law, "Judge Sotomayor meets the criteria to become a justice on the Supreme Court." (PD)

I love it! Sodahead wouldn't have been RINOvich's nominee if he were president... No, the way he's been going the last week - his nomination would have been George Soros or Micheal Moorer.

The only "role" this curious conservative should have is a bread roll! This way it can be stuffed in his gum-flapping pie hole when he makes statements like, "there are too many fiscal conservatives," or offers up these brilliantly baffling explanations of why he is again goring us with his Golden RINO horn.

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