Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cleveland - New Homo Haven?

I really hope this will be, just another, failed attempt by Cleveland to lure people and visitors to the area.

From the PD --
The Stone Gables Bed and Breakfast offers whirlpool tubs, dark chocolate waffles with Frangelica cream and five stars for gay friendliness.

The Ohio City B&B is one of hundreds of businesses, attractions and events listed in Cleveland's new gay travel guide (at right) now at the printers. The Convention
Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland
developed the 28-page guide with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

Cleveland, like many other cities already rolling out the rainbow carpet, considered the group a lucrative, untapped market worth pursuing. The bureau ordered 15,000 copies of the guide and plans the first major distribution at Cleveland's Pride Parade and Festival on June 16.

Plans for the guide elicited a mix of positive and negative comments, visitors bureau
spokeswoman Samantha Fryberger said.

"There was a perception that we no longer planned to market to families," she said. "That's an incorrect assumption."

Incorrect assumption? Fryberger must have lost her mind! How could she think someone would not make that assumption?

She should be more concerned with an increase in deviant behavior, spread of disease and the extra danger these types bring to the children in the area.

What normal family or person would want visit or vacation in an area know for being a Homo Haven? I could see it now..... The Annual OK to be Gay Rib Burn Off in downtown Cleveland.

Well, "Buck A Bone" sure would have a new meaning!


  1. I just love ultra-conservatives. Such wonderful logic.

  2. Why thank you GTG. But I am far from ultra conservative. Conservative, Catholic and Italian/Sicilian.

    I am glad you agree with the logic as it has been proven to be true. Most, not all, child predators have homosexual tendencies/

    This truth is unlike the image tried to be portrayed by the MSM, that most child sex offenders have a sickness and are NOT homosexual. As you know, this is untrue.

    I do not believe in homosesexuality, but I do not Hate the person because of it. What I am against is the radical gay agenda that a few are trying to indoctrinate into our children.

    What I do not like is when it is forced down peoples throat. When people that are offended by it are labeled homophobes.

    I do not like it forced down the throats of those offended by it. Or how the radical gay's consider Christianity as hateful.

    Is sort of hypocritical of the gays to ask for acceptance, then turn around and attack people that do not agree with them.

    Will I go out of my way to call someone a fag, queer, homo, etc... NO, I won't.

    Will I defend my right and my childs right to not have this forced on us as acceptable behavior? Hell yes!

    Read the Homo Alert tag I have on the site. You will see, I will only post articles on homosexuals when an agenda is being forced on some one. Otherwise they are free to live their lives.


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