Friday, June 1, 2007

Terrorists: Cease-fire talk means U.S. defeat in Iraq

Terrorists will be sending thank you cards to the democrats and liberal MSM.

Any cease fire talks need to be conducted under the terms of accept or be exterminated. Any other terms will be a mistake and will empower the terrorists even more then the liberal MSM and democrats already have.

From World Net Daily --

TEL AVIV – Washington's announcement of talks with Iraqi militants about a cease-fire arrangement is a "big victory" for the insurgency and demonstrates the U.S. now recognizes the legitimacy of so-called terror groups, Palestinian terrorist leaders told WND.

In a briefing with reporters earlier today, Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno said U.S. commanders at all levels are being empowered to reach out for talks with militants, tribes, religious leaders and others, including insurgents and sectarian rivals. "We are talking about cease-fires, and maybe signing some things that say they won't conduct operations against the government of Iraq or against coalition forces," Odierno told reporters in a video conference from Baghdad.

Reacting to Odierno's announcement, Muhammad Abdel-El, spokesman and a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror group, called truce talks with insurgents "a big victory for the resistance." More...

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