Friday, June 1, 2007

Cuyahoga Co. BOE to return $153,000 in training money

Another example of why the previous members Cuyahoga County BOE needed to leave.

How could the previous board have not known about this money? Oh , I know - they were busy watching Bob Bennett fight for a piece of paper saying he was a good boy.

Fault can be placed on both sides. I sort of wonder why Vu or Dillingham did not point out this money. Or maybe they did not know. But they should have!None of the four (4) board members were aware of this money?

Then without any hesitation, Dimora, Taxin Tim and Peter "I used to work at Lawson's" Jones, cut a check for training, no questions asked!

From the PD --

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections must return $153,000 earmarked for poll worker training to the secretary of state because officials forgot to use it.

While county taxpayers paid $1.5 million last year to train poll workers to ensure a successful November general election, $153,000 from a federal grant of about $258,000 exactly for that purpose sat unused and apparently forgotten.

And the secretary of state's office reminded the elections board in November that the grant - federal Help America Vote Act dollars - had to be used by Dec. 31 or be returned.

Cuyahoga Community College got a $750,000 contract to train the poll workers.

In the past, training had been done in house. The county spent about $8 million beyond what was budgeted before the November election, including $1.5 million for poll worker training. More....

Though it will be difficult, I am quite confident, interim board Chair Jeff Hastings, will be able to eventually right this sinking ship at the Cuyahoga County BOE.

Bob I need a good joke - Tell me again how you were doing a good job!

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