Saturday, May 2, 2009

Did Racist Blacks Elect Obamao?

Now that some numbers are coming out on the appointment of Premier Obamao - an apparent trend shows why he was elected. Yes, blacks voted for Obamao - not because of who he was as a man he was - but because the color of his skin.

From USA Today --
The study by the Pew Research Center, released Thursday, also showed that for the first time blacks had the highest voter turnout rate of any racial or ethnic group among people ages 18 to 29. Analysts said it remained to be seen how fully the strong minority participation, a reflection of both changing U.S. demographics and enthusiasm for Democrat Barack Obama, would carry over to future elections.

In 2008, about 65% of blacks went to the polls, nearly matching the 66% voting rate for whites. Black women had the highest rates of participation among all voters at 69%; they were followed by white women (68 percent), white men (64 percent) and black men (61 percent).

Pew's analysis of census data found that whites cast about 100 million, or 76%, of the 131 million total ballots last November, compared with 79% in 2004. It was the sharpest percentage drop in more than a decade.

Blacks, meanwhile, had their sharpest increase in voter participation in more than a decade, with 15.9 million casting ballots to make up 12.1% of the electorate. Blacks previously had seen their share decline to 11% in 2004 after their low turnout in Republican George W. Bush's re-election win over Democrat John Kerry. More...

White people who did not vote for Odumbo were readily dismissed as racist. It meant nothing that you just did not agree with his campaign promises, his agenda, or who he was as a man - if you didn't check Barry's box - you were a racist. Currently, if you speak out against Barack the Bi-Racial Prez or his administration- you are labeled as a racist or... a right-wing radical extremist.

So since the blacks voted in record numbers just because of the melanin enriched color of Obamao's skin and not the content of the man - wouldn't this make them racist too?

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