Friday, May 1, 2009

How our Children will look at Obamao's First 100 Days

From Politically Incorrect Gazette


  1. Nice Toon!

    Obama has the media so cowed!. Just look at how they treated Him at the Wednesday press conference. What a joke! Not one serious question about the recession - declining 6+% in Q1. The press is probably just tired of being thrown the tired old droning about 'inheriting' the problem. But this is what the press is paid to do. They are failing miserably!

    Oh well.. for a bit of a lighter look at the presser, you might hit:

  2. Matthew - the DHS report almost makes it illegal to question Obamao. And of course the broadcast give-Barry-a-blowjob-brigade would never cross their Messiah.

    Being a member of the PIG Army, I get most of my lighter (or light their a$$ up) stuff from Politically Incorrect Gazette.


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