Friday, May 29, 2009

Undocumented Mexicans Stealing Jobs in Cuyahoga County

Responding to a call that illegal immigrants were working in the area, Garfield Hts police responded to the construction site where the Jennings Center for Older Adults was being built on Granger Rd. After playing find the border jumper hiding from police, GHPD located 16 men who were from Mexico and were barely able to speak English.

Upon detaining the border jumpers, police were shown Mexican ID cards (Matricula Counsular ID Cards), after their information was taken down, the men were released.

I contacted the GHPD and will be getting a copy of the police report on Monday, but this is what I learned from my conversation with their records dept....

GHPD contacted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), they were instructed to take down the information and release the men. ICE informed the GHPD that they would follow up with the complaint. Heres the kicker... ICE was unable to locate, document, find, or verify any of the information submitted from the info on the Mexican ID cards - but still instructed the PD to release the subjects!

That's pretty good huh? Throw a Tea Party and get labeled by Department of Homeland Security as a candidate for right-wing extremism, not to mention a newly labeled FBI file in your name, but be here working with unverifiable information and you are allowed to continue stealing jobs from Americans.

Buy beer with a fake ID - $250 Fine

Keeping Americans in the unemployment line with a fake Mexican ID - only in the USA!


  1. Incredible! But I won't say unbelievable. As we watch rule of law disappearing before our eyes, I can believe anything like this.

    Everybody, call your bank and tell them to STOP accepting the Matricula Counsular ID Cards.

  2. Roger, thanks for stopping by.

    It appears the new rules for the "Rule of Law," much like "Free Speech," is selective in nature.

    I bet if these positions were advertised in the help wantd section, they could get 16 unemployed Americans to fill those jobs so fast their heads would spin.


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