Sunday, May 10, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Enemies lists are just as asinine in J.O.E.

Steaming Load Award: Enemies lists are just as asinine in J.O.E.

We can’t prove that Homeland Stupidity Secretary, Janet Napolitano, and J.O.E.’s Home Secretary Harpy, Jacqui Smith, were separated at birth, but this week’s events put the idea in play. Based on their antics, it’s safe to assume that, between them, they don’t have a single functioning synapse.

The Home Secretary Harpy took copious notes, while watching her sister in stampeding stupidity step in it, by declaring any American who isn’t a card carrying Marxist - A.K.A. an Obamunist chad-puncher - a dangerous ‘extremist’. Armed with all the relevant data, the Home Secretary Harpy stole the play from Janet’s playbook, then improved on it.

Painfully aware of the Jihadists who infest J.O.E., the Home Secretary Harpy, decided to compose her own list of dangerous extremists who must be banned from entering J.O.E. There was just one problem, the first draft of this list was, essentially, a Jihadikaze Who’s Who. That just wouldn’t do, so she torched that bit of objective reality and decided to blaze a new trail of her own.

Instead of painting a bull’s-eye on those individuals whose actions might endanger the denizens of J.O.E., she took the path less traveled, in at least one memorable instance. How? She banned an American boom box babbler - Michael Savage - because his ideas weren’t cool for school in egregiously politically correct J.O.E. In that regard, he’s in good company, because it’s the same stinking turd they pulled out of their butt when they banned Gert Wilders from entering J.O.E., a few weeks ago.

This arbitrary ‘you’re banned, because I don’t like what you say’ crap is par for the course, in J.O.E. Ironically, it was this kind of arbitrary muzzling of free speech and other inalienable individual liberties, which prompted our Founding Fathers to break free of J.O.E. during the American revolution. Our Founding Fathers paid the price of our liberty with their fortunes and their blood, but the result - the government limiting United States Constitution was worth it. That founding document, with its revolutionary ideas, is the essential distinction between this land conceived in liberty and Korrecting itself into Jihadikaze oblivion, J.O.E.

Thanks to our United States Constitution, and its legacy of inalienable individual liberty, our pimple on humanity’s butt, Napolitano, was forced to beat a hasty, face-saving, retreat when we the people protested her ‘extremists’ list. Lacking that underlying support, J.O.E.’s Korrectnik-ravaged sovereign individuals are at the mercy of their Home Secretary Harpy, a woman who has the power to dictate what Brits can hear, and who is allowed to enlighten them.

This turd’s stench has little to do with Michael Savage, a blowhard who tends to get on my nerves, unless taken in very small doses. This turd’s stench has everything to do with the essential principle involved - free speech. We can’t do much to flush this Home Secretary Harpy down the Brit loo, but we can heed the lesson and flush any similar turds that float to the surface in Uncle Sam’s crapper.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

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  1. Democrats and liberals always overstep. This past election was no mandate to ruin the country, but the lefties in DC are on that path.

    With the economy heading for the tank after release of the deficit figures for April 15, Obama won't be able to blame this on Bush. Couple that with a good foreign policy disaster in-say, Pakistan, voters will once again be paying careful attention.

    Conservatives should be optimistic though. For a list of ten reasons for conservative optimism, you can hit:


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