Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Nationalization of The United States

If the Hugo Chavez like nationalization of turning General Motors into Government Motors has you concerned, than Premier Obamao's proposed Health Care Reform will be sure to get you puckered up!

From the PD --
Congress by the end of the year will pass a health-care plan covering all Americans, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown predicted on Wednesday during a speech at Cleveland's City Club.

"Americans know the challenges to our health-care system, our economy and our nation are too big for opponents of health-care reform to just say no," Brown said, noting the defeat of previous plans. "Staying the course of a broken system is simply no longer an option.

"Finally, most of America recognizes that health-care reform is not just a moral imperative, it's become an economic imperative. There's no way to fix our economy without fixing our health-care system. There's no way to fix our health-care system without cutting costs and without covering everyone."

"Fifty million Americans are standing by with the greatest care in the world just beyond their reach," he told the lunchtime audience, which seemed receptive to his words. More...

In effect... just about when you get too old to wipe your own ass - keeping you healthy will become too costly. So guess what happens if you get sick?

Don't worry denture wearers, in order to decrease global warming from the excavator used for digging your grave, there soon be technology for turning all the old enough too fart dust casualties into some form of green energy. Can't forget about that cap-n-trade stuff!

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