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Girlieman of the Week Award: Al Gore

Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: May 01, 2009

Girlieman: Al Gore
Antics: Can’t take the ‘global warming is crap’ heat

If you look up ‘he can dish it out, but he can’t take it’, you’ll find a mug shot of the Tennessee Tonnage (Al Gore) munching on an deep fried elephant leg. He’s always eager to trot out his insane, reality-challenged, Globally Warmed bull shit, but, if anyone challenges him to a face to face debate of the issue, he starts caterwauling for Mommy Tipper.

Last week, this gutless wonder had a nervous breakdown, when those pesky pachyderm punks decided to put him to the test, by bringing in their own climate expert, the UK’s Lord Christopher Monckton, to testify, on the same panel at a House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on Global Warming. Terrified, the Tennessee Tonnage whined to Henry "The Turd’s Turd" Waxman to rescue him from that televised humiliation, and he got his wish.

The Climate Depot Blog posted this report:

UK's Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, claimed House Democrats have refused to allow him to appear alongside former Vice President Al Gore at a high profile global warming hearing on Friday April 24, 2009 at 10am in Washington. Monckton told Climate Depot that the Democrats rescinded his scheduled joint appearance at the House Energy and Commerce hearing on Friday. Monckton said he was informed that he would not be allowed to testify alongside Gore when his plane landed from England Thursday afternoon.

Lord Monckton didn’t suffer this insult from a pimple on humanity’s butt like Henry Waxman in silence:

“The House Democrats don't want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face,” Monckton told Climate Depot in an exclusive interview. “They are cowards.”

“The Democrats have a lot to learn about the right of free speech under the US Constitution. Congress Henry Waxman's (D-CA) refusal to expose Al Gore's sci-fi comedy-horror testimony to proper, independent scrutiny by the House minority reeks of naked fear,” Monckton said from the airport Thursday evening.

“Waxman knows there has been no 'global warming' for at least a decade. Waxman knows there has been seven and a half years' global cooling. Waxman knows that, in the words of the UK High Court judge who condemned Gore's mawkish movie as materially, seriously, serially inaccurate, 'the Armageddon scenario that he depicts is not based on any scientific view,'” Monckton explained.

It’s time for the Tennessee Tonnage to stop hiding from objective "global cooling"’s time for this Fat Cave Fathead to answer, publically, the challenges to the gaping, well-documented, holes in his Globally Warmed bull’s time for him to grow a pair and defend his brainfart like a man. Until this blithering idiot shows some hint of manhood, he’s nothing more than a bloated political gas bag who is trying to recapture those magic moments when he was the only Libertard Messiah on the block. Since none of that is likely to happen, the Free State of PIG will give him our
equivalent of a booby prize by making Al Gore the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

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