Friday, May 1, 2009

Supreme Court Justice Souter Stepping Aside

While Supreme Court Justice David Souter retiring will not change the make up of the Supreme Court - it will most likely be the start of a new wave of liberals on the highest court in the land....
At 69, Souter is much younger than either Ginsburg, 76, or Justice John Paul Stevens, 89, the other two liberal justices whose names have been mentioned as possible retirees. Yet those justices have given no indication they intend to retire soon and Ginsburg said she plans to serve into her 80s, despite her recent surgery for pancreatic cancer.

Some of the names that have been circulating include recently confirmed Solicitor General Elena Kagan; U.S. Appeals Court Judges Sonya Sotomayor, Kim McLane Wardlaw, Sandra Lea Lynch and Diane Pamela Wood; and Leah Ward Sears, chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. Men who have been mentioned as potential nominees include Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein and U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo of Chicago. (Yahoo)

Souter, appointed by Bush 1, was originally thought to be a moderate conservative - he turned out to be everything but!

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