Friday, May 15, 2009

Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Puts Best Foot Forward

It looks like Republican Party of Cuyahoga County has decided to put their best foot forward in trying to be effective in Cuyahoga County. Finally putting those several hundred thousand it costs for payroll and operating expenses for a HQ with no parking - they want to show everyone they really don't have two left feet. Nope, the only thing "left" in this group of "mover's & shaker's" are all the RINO's that support the Democrats over our candidates.

Not to worry - my sequined wearing Sparky's... even though they do the Hokey Pokey and are unable to turn anything around at election time and show the skill of a rogue RINO in their two-step on the wishes of rank & file members - the dancing dolts have figured out how to be most effective in the only way they can.

Completely off the dance floor when it was time to come out against a forced sales tax increase and the Domestic Registry - The following press release from the "No Parking on the Dance Floor" Republican Party Clowns of Cuyahoga County show they will not be on the sidelines anymore...
Hello! - there are just two weeks left on Cleveland's Dancing with the Stars. Mayor David Bentkowski could win it all with your help.

Please go to on the home page and view this week's dance. Then vote for Mayor David Bentkowski. It takes just seconds.

Also, please tell a friend and forward this email to some of your email contacts. Voting closes at 6am.

Mayor David Bentkowski says, "We all know I can't dance - but thanks to a great partner, I have gotten better every week and am now only two weeks away from winning it all. It would be a lot of fun so your time and vote is appreciated."

I guess when you can't win elections and can't fill races with candidates - dancing the night away is the next best thing!


  1. Unbeleiveable. This is what they are spending time on?

  2. I guess there was nothing else for them to do? All the pictures in the coloring books were colored, nap time was over, and they were tired of playing tic tac toe.

    It just goes to show that press releases about a Dancing Dipshit are more important then doing conservative stuff. I heard they are scheduling a Checkers Tournament for next week.


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