Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pervert Police Chief Pleads Not Guilty

This is an update on the arrest of park pervert, Olmsted Falls Township Police Chief Charles McNeeley. While the Chief may be willing to be mounted, it appears he is not ready to mount the questionable "Wide-Stance" gay bathroom defense for his arrest in the park, Touchy Feely McNeeley plead Not Guilty by fax...

Channel 19 News --

Olmsted Township Police Chief Charles McNeeley was set to be arraigned today in Parma Municipal Court. McNeeley didn't show up, his attorney faxed a plea of not guilty instead.

McNeeley is charged with public indecency.

McNeely is accused of fondling himself and about to have sex with another man in the MetroParks in the Brooklyn area.

Rumor has it the Chief has been in contact with Senator Larry Craig (inventor of the Wide-Stance defense) and is being urged to try the, "I was only in the park on my knees, with my mouth open like a baby bird waiting to be fed, in front of strange guy with his nightstick out because I was mad at my wife" defense.

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