Saturday, May 2, 2009

There's A New Sheriff in Town!

A real policeman will finally be running Cuyahoga County.

From the PD --
Five weeks after former Sheriff Gerald McFaul resigned amid numerous scandals, the Democratic party elected Bob Reid to serve as sheriff.

Reid, the Bedford city manager, previously served as that city's police chief for 10 years and was a police officer for 25 years. He also graduated from the FBI national academy.

On Wednesday, he will replace Frank Bova, the Warrensville Heights police chief who has been serving as interim sheriff since McFaul resigned.

McFaul was a former pipefitter who was elected through rough-and-tumble party politics before state law required the county's sheriff to have law enforcement experience.

Reid edged out Clayton Harris, 280-206, in voting among party regulars. He will have to run countywide in November 2010.


  1. Please tell me Andrew Mizsak will NOT be our next City Manager!

    Why don't you run for school board against him? I'm sure they can't cheat you out of winning two elections.

  2. Andrew Mizsak shows his political affiliation too much to be in the position of City Manager. I will fight that with council if his name comes up. One great thing about Bob Reid is that all these years he never let on he was a member of the Democratic party. I don't agree with all of Andrew's views, but I do like his passion, which is what is needed. Ralph - keep doing what you're doing until you become elected as a council member!!!


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