Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who's taking jobs from Americans?

As we have some of the highest unemployment rates ever - some people continue promoting "Open Borders" for the illegal - sneak under the fence, over the river and through the woods to Obama's house they go border jumpers.

Contrary to what many people say... "border jumping bandito's only take jobs Americans don't want," it appears the ride a goat across the border illegals not only cost untold millions in health care - but they ARE taking jobs from Americans.

From ALIPAC --

There are 55,436,000 million Americans, ages 16-64, who are not in the labor force. - U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey;

14 million Americans are unable to find full-time jobs in the current economy. - BLS

The unemployment rate among the 12 million American adults who do not have a high school diploma is almost 9 percent. - BLS

9% of 12 million = 1,080,000. Well over 90% of the illegal aliens who come to this country do not have a high school education. That means that there are 1,080,000 unemployed Americans who are exactly the ones against whom the illegal alien competes for those same jobs.

Forty percent of working-age African-American men are unemployed. - BLS

78.4 percent of the 24 million workers in service jobs are native-born Americans. -BLS

78.4% of 24 million = 18,816,000. Subtract that number from 24 million workers in service jobs and you get 5,184,000. Over 5 million service jobs held by non Americans. I have to believe that there must be some unemployed Americans who would be willing and able to work some of those jobs.

While there is no direct evidence that all the over 5 million service jobs are held by illegal aliens, any that are contribute directly to the dire situation of the unemployed American.

71.8 percent of the 9.6 million workers in construction jobs are native-born Americans. -BLS 71.8% of 9.6 million = 6,892,800. Subtract that number from the 9.6 million workers in construction jobs and you have 2,707,200. 2.7 million construction jobs held by non Americans.

77.5 percent of the 9.4 million workers in manufacturing jobs are native-born Americans. -BLS

77.5% of 9.4 million = 7,285,000. Subtract that number from the 9.4 million workers in manufacturing jobs and you have 2,115,000. 2.1 million manufacturing jobs held by non Americans. Manufacturing jobs that for decades were done by the "working man", the American "working class", the American "middle class".

Now, this invasion of the illegal alien, appears to be an undeclared war on America's less educated, youth, African-American and middle class. Just the above categories account for about 11,086,200 jobs taken from the 14 million Americans who are currently earnestly seeking employment. They look every day, they have families depending on them, and there are over 11 million jobs that should be open to them.

So is this a problem? For some no! The more immigrants taking entry level jobs makes it easier for the ones screaming victimhood. Yes, "Open Borders" and taking jobs away from Americans plays right into the hands of the left. This allows them to continue with their entitlement programs created to win votes and expands their base into the illegal immigrant camps.

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