Saturday, May 2, 2009

Police Chief Interrupted

Ever get a jaywalking ticket in Olmsted Falls Township and wonder why the Police Chief wanted to give you a gloveless cavity search with the lights dimmed low and Barry Manilow playing in the background? Did you find it strange the Chief wanted to frisk you with his tongue?

This may explain why....
Police Chief Charles McNeeley was arrested Tuesday morning on sex charges.

According to Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Capt. Jack Hall, McNeeley was apprehended on charges of public indecency, a third-degree misdemeanor, at the Memphis picnic area in Brooklyn at 8:30 a.m.

Hall said a Metroparks ranger was on foot patrol in the area when she noticed two cars side-by-side. She saw two men adjacent to the car engaged in sexual conduct and masturbation.

According to a report issued by the Metroparks police, as the ranger approached the cars, McNeeley looked in her direction and appeared startled. He then entered his car, started to drive away and was repeatedly ordered to stop.

McNeeley asked the ranger to give him a warning saying, "Can't you just warn me. I'll never come back to the park again, please just give me a warning."

He admitted he was going to perform a sexual act on 61-year-old Daniel Crown of Brooklyn, but didn't.

McNeeley later denied being employed in law enforcement and claimed officers were confusing him with his brother. (Sun News)

It's bad enough the "pork me in the park" Police Chief was caught having a dueling monkey spank contest, but when the withered hot dog loving Chief was "interrupted," he still admits he was going to honk the guys horn, and then claims that he was his brother! WTF?!?

You would think the Chief who has a strong desire for man ass would have had a better excuse... like maybe - I was going to test the tube on our new breathalyzer equipment.

Maybe the Chief can become another gay blogger.

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