Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Real Crooks of Cuyahoga County: The Greater Cleveland Politboro

I knew it would only be a matter of time before the Cuyahoga County Crooks - The Greater Cleveland Partnership - would come out publicly regarding the reform proposals in Cuyahgoa County.

Understand this - the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) is one of the major reasons this region has failed miserably. These suit & tie suck asses of the business elite from this area should be put on the Good Time II and sunk three miles out in Lake Erie.

The GCP, not willing to be left out and wanting to consolidate their stranglehold of what is left of our county have now offered financial support to get the Cuyahoga County Reform proposal on the upcoming ballot...

The Greater Cleveland Partnership announced Tuesday that it has given $100,000 to an effort to get a measure on the November ballot that would reform the way Cuyahoga County is governed.

Joe Roman, Partnership president and chief executive, said the contribution should be enough to help the group collect the 45,000 signatures needed by mid-July to put the measure on the ballot this fall.

"We really feel this is something the voters should be able to weigh in on," Roman said. (PD)

Roman is a joke! People do not be fooled! This was the same group that created a study to match their pre-determined, cherry -picked site selection for the Med Mart - Sam Millers Swampland. If you remember -- the GCP -- was the group pushing to FORCE the sale tax increase on us for the Med Mart - without a vote of the people. Now - they feel what the people have to say is important. Or is it our voices are important so we can help them advance their pocket lining agenda?

For the record, the GCP, Positively Cleveland, Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, the local media & the Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Assoc. were all complicit in stifling the voice of the people on putting the sales tax increase on the ballot. NOW all htese same groups, as pawns of the GCP, want our voices to be heard. Are we that stupid?

Trust me, I am all for change. But the current reform proposals are nothing more than cosmetic change. We are doing nothing more than shuffling the cards with a marked GCP deck. Not only will this paper reform give the GCP more elected offices to buy off and control. In fact, it will greatly decrease any attempts by us to hold the county elected officials accountable.

The group pushing to get the reform on the ballot are nothing more than pawns for The Greater Cleveland Politboro. The problem is the players driving the ship - not the system itself. We have the same group(s) of politicians, people & GCP who have been the so-called leaders of our county for quite a while now. The same people that have run this area into the ground, now want to fix what they did or have allowed. Trust me the problems that plague Cuyahoga County run much deeper than Jimmy Dimora & Frank Russo.

Why should we believe, or more importantly trust, anything they have to say? Would you have the same guy who burglarized your home several times – house sit for you if you went on vacation?

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