Friday, August 21, 2009

More Money for the Med Mart

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the public fleecing the residents of Cuyahoga County are taking over the Med Mart. Yes, after all that crowing from the Commissioners, namely Tim Hagan, and the business blowhards of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (or Greater Cleveland Politboro), that if we did not "git 'er done" right away -- we would lose this golden opportunity of putting Cleveland on the map.

As time goes on and as we watched our Commissioners and other area leaders plod through this fiasco of lies we are learning, this so-called golden opportunity, like I predicted, would turn into another silver butt-bullet paid for on the backs of Cuyahoga County residents -- as usual.

From the PD --
Cuyahoga County commissioners today hired a law firm to negotiate the next Medical Mart agreement.

At an afternoon meeting -- scheduled for a Monday because of vacation plans -- the commissioners voted unanimously to pay $75,000 to Thompson Hine for a construction administration agreement with Chicago-based MMPI.

Contract attorney Jeff Appelbaum is creating the document, which fleshes out design and building details not covered in the original development agreement in April.

For the first contract, Squire Sanders & Dempsey lawyer Fred Nance was paid $175,000.

Still fiddle-F'ing around 2 years after we were told it has to be done right away!

And yes, this is the same Fred Nance that --
  • Bitch slapped Rob Frost (RPCC Chairtwit) into supporting the forced sales tax increase to fund this yet to be built blunder.

  • Tried selling us Sam Miller's swampland at a higher price as he represented the GCP and Cuyahoga County at the same time.

  • The same Fred Nance that negotiated for the City of Cleveland when it bought the I-X Center for $66.5 million -- twice what the only other bidder was offering.

  • The same Freddy that was the legal advisor for construction of Browns Stadium -- a project so rife with chaos and theft that the city has no idea what the final cost was.
So should we be surprised that we are paying more money for something that should have already been done -- in Cuyahoga County -- Hell No!

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