Friday, November 21, 2008

Celebrate Victory in Iraq Day on 11/22/08

H/T Hambo at PIG

I cannot think of a better way of saluting our troops and showing our thanks for their hard fought successes in Iraq than by joining the guys at Zombie Time in an online victory celebration declaring - November 22, 2008 as Victory in Iraq Day!

We cannot afford another black eye like the one the long hairs gave our country by spitting on and committing other despicable acts against our returning Vietnam soldiers. Our troops have already endured enough abuse - not only from the terrorist's abroad - but from their own country members.

Even though the left does not like it - winning a war is not a bad thing & we have WON! Our soldiers valiant and victorious efforts need to be recognized!

If you want to participate - click here for more info.

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