Friday, November 21, 2008

Steaming Load Award - Korrectnik USMC Officers

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #1: Marine’s ride banned from all federal installations for ‘offensive’, Jihadikaze-bashing, decals.

"The banning of these decals is political correctness run amok in the military. Our troops are being killed by Islamic terrorists, 9/11 was caused by Islamic terrorists, these terrorists want to destroy America, the Islamic countries persecute Christians and now the military is victimizing a father whose son was killed by Islamic terrorists while serving our nation." (Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center)

Jesse Nieto deserves better from the nation he defended for a quarter of a century as a proud member of the United States Marines. Jesse Nieto’s personal sacrifice hit very close to home, when his son was killed by the Jihadikaze assault on the U.S.S. Cole. At minimum, he deserves more respect from the officers at Camp Lejeune where he’s a civilian worker.

The focal points of his banishment are the two bumper stickers shown in the accompanying images. The views expressed struck a nerve with at least two uniform-wearing Korrectniks who need to be reminded that we’re at WAR with these Jihadikaze rat bastards.

Nieto has worked as a civilian employee at Camp Lejeune since 1994. It was about 2001 when he started displaying various decals and bumper stickers on his vehicle "expressing anti-terrorist sentiments," such as "Remember the Cole, 12 Oct 2000," "Islam = Terrorism," and "We Died, They Rejoiced."

On July 31, he was ticketed on base by two military police officers for displaying "offensive material."

The ticket was issued even though other automobile-mounted slogans such as a Confederate flag with, "If This Offends You… You Need a History Lesson," a "Darwin fish" mocking Christianity, sexually explicit symbols such as silhouettes of nude women, one with "Your Child May be an Honor Student But Your Driving Sucks," and several versions of a cartoon character (similar to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes) urinating on various symbols were allowed, the lawsuit said.

In August, after Nieto refused to remove the "offending" decals, the base magistrate issued a written order that required him to take his vehicle off the base "until all decals were removed" and banning his vehicle from all federal installations nationwide.

The order, the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina said, now prevents Nieto from visiting Arlington National Cemetery, where his son is buried. (World Net Daily)
The rubber hits the road when you read the following tidbit, which reveals that some uniformed Korrectnik got a wild hair up his butt that made him single out Jesse for this asinine, intolerable, abuse:
According to the lawsuit, Lt. Col. James Hessen, the base traffic court officer, ruled that the decals on Nieto's vehicle were "offensive," and when asked to explain, said, "'It's just what I think,' or words to that effect," the complaint states. (WND)
Jesse Nieto devoted 25 years of his life to the defense of his country. He lost his son Marc during the October 12, 2000 attack on the Cole by the Jihadikazes. He deserves better than this. He deserves a lot better than this. We wish him, and his Thomas More Law Center Legal team, a swift and comprehensive victory in this free speech battle against entrenched Military meathead Korrectness.

This kind of bullshit is intolerable in this land conceived in liberty which Jesse’s son gave his life defending.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

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