Saturday, January 13, 2007

Eye for an Eye

“An eye for an eye” – Iran hands out gruesome punishment
Wed. 27 Sep 2006 Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 27 – An Iranian court in the north-eastern city of Mashad sentenced a man to have one of his eye’s gouged out as punishment for blinding another man during a scuffle, state-run press reported.

The defendant, identified only by his first name Amir, was sentenced by the court to have his left eye gouged out, the hard-line daily Quds wrote in its Tuesday edition. It added that Amir was found guilty of blinding a man identified as Mehdi in one eye during a scuffle they had in the open.

Amir, who is currently languishing in jail, was also sentenced to 74 lashes and prison time.

The phrase “An eye for an eye” is very stringently adhered to in Iran’s Islamic law.

-- Yeah Right, sure looks like you can negotiate peace with these types of people!



  1. Graman wile seminguerren zan omas mor ja numa. Hostri umaissento sencalmastem! Bentes jaremprofiso cavisero, zito unovalos, tormakinga talche kyppulos miletivino restarui. In vor yo um irmiacio bustes fillavocei? Um mis yo, zizesp - int libere per.

  2. This is why I don't believe we can ever negotiate with these types of people


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