Sunday, January 7, 2007

Rep. Barney Frank Lectures on Values

Barney Frank accuses Bush of 'ethnic cleansing'

Gay Dem scolds 'policy' of inaction toward blacks suffering from Katrina
Posted: January 5, 20072:50 p.m. Eastern By Art Moore© 2007

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., on NBC's 'Meet the Press'In a private session videotaped yesterday on Capitol Hill, Rep. Barney Frank, D, Mass., accused the Bush administration of "ethnic cleansing by inaction" against poor blacks in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Frank, the new chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, said that after the administration's initial "incompetence," it has done "virtually nothing to alleviate" the loss of housing by the poor in New Orleans, who mostly are black.

"What I believe is, at this point, you're not talking about incompetence, you're talking about values ... when in a calculated way you refuse to do anything for well over a year after the disaster," Frank said. "The policy, I think, is ethnic cleansing by inaction. …"

Steve Adamske, a spokesman for Frank, clarified the congressman's remarks for WND. "He's saying it's by government inaction; he's not accusing them of genocide or mass murder," Adamske explained. "He's talking about doing nothing – that it amounts to ethnic cleansing by inaction."

But Frank, Adamske acknowledged, called the alleged Republican inaction a "policy" and "calculated." He affirmed the congressman, who was speaking to a group of "liberal bloggers," would say the inaction is intentional.


While I think we could have been better prepared and done a better job, to be lectured by Barney Frank about values is like a pansy calling a flower pink. Well you know what I mean!

I wonder if he ever dressed as a women for the Mardi Gras or if he just does it at home?


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