Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Black Eye" Blackwell At It Again

Once again Ken Blackwell's childish behavior gives democrats more reasons to complain about Bad Republicans!

The Plain Dealer reported --- business owners can take heart that 50,000 letters left behind by former Secretary of State and failed Republican candidate for governor Ken Blackwell are finally arriving in mailboxes throughout Ohio.

The letters, dated Jan. 4 and signed by Blackwell, advise businesses that their articles of incorporation have been canceled because they either haven't filed corporate tax returns or paid their tax bills.

NEW Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, blames the delay on Blackwell, saying her staff discovered the letters on Jan. 17 and contends that Blackwell's office destroyed envelopes...

"This is something that was supposed to be completed before we ever came into office," said Patrick Gallaway, a spokesman for Brunner.

And here is the typical Blackwell response --

Blackwell's former chief deputy said that no senior managers authorized the destruction of any envelopes.... "There's no way," Monty Lobb said.

"It's unfortunate - she just continues to play politics." He said Brunner fired the manager who had been overseeing the mailings...

"It makes no logical sense why he would sabotage something," Lobb said.

No logical sense? Nothing Ken Blackwell did during the election made sense, why would he start now!

Why would he sabotage something? Because Blackwell is a poor loser, childish, vindictive, and still blames his embarrassing loss on everyone but himself.

Gallaway said the office had the letters but no envelopes. "We were told they did have envelopes and they were somehow taken out of here and disposed of," he said.....

It is pretty sad when I believe a democrat over a republican! But in light of Blackwell's actions during and after the election, I could never believe the man again.

How a man conducts himself in victory and in defeat is a good measure of their character.

Unfortunately, his conduct during the campaign and after the election, makes me happy Blackwell did not win. This is not a man we want leading our party as he has no leadership skills!

Mr Blackwell's columns on Town Hall are nothing more then pretty conservative catch phrases that try to justify the reasons of his loss.

And since he intends to remain in Ohio politics "Black Eye" Blackwell will do nothing but continue to divide and do irreparable harm to our party.


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