Monday, January 29, 2007

George W. Bush Presidential Library

Sam Miller, Co-Chairman of Forest City Enterprises, recently speaking with fellow Cleveland State University trustees offered up an idea that had them diving for cover.

Millers idea - George W. Bush Presidential Library to be housed at CSU.

The reaction? "Everybody fell under the table" and "It would be a tourist boon" Miller said. Miller who also wants to send a letter to the President, was undeterred.

"I would go out and raise money for it. May God kill me if I'm lying," Miller said. "In 20 years, he will go down as a presidential great. History will treat him much better than we have".

Let's hope Sam Miller is right! Nothing would bother the local democrats in Cuyahoga County more than a Bush library in their backyard.

But back to reality, this is Cleveland! All we get is a black eye from Voinovich.


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