Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kucinich on Drugs

Waking up early this morning and sick of reading the daily Cleveland Rag Dealer, I looked on the internet for some funny reading material. Working outside all day, it is much easier to head off to work after a good laugh.

Well, I wandered over to Dennis Kucinich's web site. WOW! This guy and his supporters are really out there. With his views, I cannot understand how anybody in Cleveland can vote for him.

After reading his website, anyone with a lick of sense would realize Dennis will never be president. Why he continues these runs, with two left feet, for presidency is beyond me.

You have to wonder what goes through this guys head at night!

Dennis on Marijuana Decriminalization
With the enactment of the Volstead Act in 1919, America embarked on a social experiment known as Prohibition. Prohibitionists rejected the idea that people could be trusted to drink in moderation, arguing that alcohol use inevitably led to moral corruption and undesirable behavior.

Unfortunately, current drug policy fails to take into account the lessons of Prohibition. The law regards all users as abusers, and the result has been the creation of an unnecessary class of lawbreakers.

The rationale for continuing this draconian policy of marijuana prohibition is unclear. Statistical evidence shows that marijuana use follows a pattern very similar to that of alcohol. Most marijuana users do so responsibly, in a safe, recreational context.

These people lead normal, productive lives -- pursuing careers, raising families, and participating in civic life. ...there is no rational justification for criminally enforced prohibitions. More...

Dennis on the "War on Drugs"
My position on this issue is to face it directly, though other politicians run away from it... ... our "War on Drugs" has failed. It only creates thousands and thousands of Al Capones.

California was able to cut teenage tobacco use in half with a straightforward ad campaign that was financed by a tax on cigarettes.

The shredding of our rights to privacy and property promoted by the Drug War is inconsistent with a free society. Criminalization of private or self-destructive behavior is not acceptable in a free nation.

The rampant corruption of the criminal justice system spawned by the $400 billion-a-year black market could be ended with the stroke of a pen. So also would be the wholesale devastation we have brought to other countries.

Allowing doctors to treat drug addiction humanely and intelligently, including the prescription of maintenance doses....

It is time for an honest dialogue on this issue. Time to stop the documented lies, half-truths, and propaganda that got us into this mess in the first place. It is time to face the facts. More...

Ideas from his supporters (these are good!) -

Halt global warming ! Legalize cannabis/hemp today!

Cannabis hemp is the single most important tool to revitalizing our enviroment and promoting new global concern.

It is possible to produce all of our energy with Cannabis Hemp. The unique growing properties of the plant make it the ideal crop for our energy needs. Cannabis Hemp for energy is the necessity of the future and will soon be in place all over the world. More...

Now is the time to bring up hemp for ethanol
To bring up using hemp for ethanol.... I also think this could/would be an economic boom in this country from top to bottom.

Sure hope these supporters are not from Cleveland!


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