Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cleveland Wastes More Money

Inspectors refuse to use their computers
Finding $60,000 worth of missing PDAs is not a priority

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Olivera Perkins Plain Dealer Reporter

Dozens of Cleveland building inspectors refuse to use hand-held computers issued to them at a cost to taxpayers of about $60,000, and the administrator who oversees the inspectors says he is too busy to deal with the problem.

Just three of 75 inspectors trained to operate the devices actually use them to create and file reports on the condition of houses and buildings, city records show. And city officials are unable to say what became of the unused computers.

Yet Building and Housing Director Edward Rybka said getting inspectors to use the computers - and finding out what happened to the unused ones - are not top priorities....

The city bought 160 of the devices in July 2005, under the administration of Mayor Jane Campbell, to quell complaints from council and residents about rundown buildings not being inspected.

As of last week, Building Department officials could not say whether the unused computers were in storage, lost or stolen. Seven years ago, Cleveland inspectors tried laptops and found them too difficult to use.

They were replaced with the PDAs. More....

More waste, more incompetence, more excuses! Seems like the missing Mayor, Frank Jackson, is more worried about bike paths on Kinsman and regionalism.

Jackson's Wish List:
Jackson proposes bicycle lanes through neighborhoods, more-aggressive demolition of rundown buildings and a pedestrian bridge over North Coast Harbor.

The mayor proposes to spend $1.5 billion over five years on
projects that include the pedestrian bridge connecting Voinovich Park and Dock 32 downtown near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

In addition, the mayor said he wants to spend at least $3 million annually to demolish vacant houses, a citywide problem that lowers property values and fosters crime. Council President Martin J. Sweeney said council will ask Jackson to increase that amount to $6 million annually, and he expects the mayor to agree.

Jackson wants to put more than $12 million toward building roadside bike routes and off-road bike trails. His grander vision, covering the next 13 years, focuses on developing all 36 of the city's neighborhoods.

Yeah Frank, spend and waste more money on visions of grandeur! Again, many of these ideas will be funded with tax payer dollars. Amazing huh?

Guess Cleveland's Council doesn't think they are wasting enough money now.

With the current way Cleveland oversees work being done for the city, I would have problems letting them play with lincoln logs!


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