Monday, January 29, 2007

More talk on Convention Center Tax

Cuyahoga County Commissioners - Jimmy Dimora, Peter Lawson Jones & Tim Hagan, are again discussing financing (tax increase) for a new convention center and a possible "medical mart".

Part of the financing being considered, by the three democrat commissioners, would come from a county wide sales tax increase of one quarter of a penny.

The Plain Dealer quotes;

Commissioners aren't in agreement about whether taxpayers also should have to pay for a medical mart - promised for at least a year - either as part of the convention center or as a new tenant of the Higbee Building.

Business and political leaders desperately want the medical mart, a year-round exhibition center for medical equipment and devices that brings tons of business visitors.

Medical mart officials met with city and county leaders last week - it is unclear if the project will move forward without taxpayer aid.

Once again, the suburbs will be asked to pay for something in Cleveland. I am sure this tax increase will also effect cigarettes, you know them things we can't smoke anywhere.

Wasn't Cleveland just voted seventh poorest city in the nation? Of course they should be taxed more, maybe we could become #1.

If the so-called "business and political leaders" want the medical mart so bad, they should ask the business and medical community to foot the bill, NOT the taxpayer.

Never fails though, every time one of the so-called "business or political leaders" in this area has an idea, we the taxpayers end up paying for it.

Glad only the republicans are for big business!?!


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