Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blackwell in Wonderland


This is fun - A bonus for everyone!

Is this guy for real? What world does he live in? Did he forget he lost? How can this guy justify giving out year end bonuses to his employees? These were bonuses were higher than all previous ones handed out. His office is the ONLY state office giving out bonuses.

I guess losing by ONE MILLION votes wasn't enough of an embarrassment, so he gives out bonuses to make more republicans hate him. Nothing like giving the dems a TON of more ammo to use against us. Click here for Toledo Blade Article

This nut job should not be allowed to run for anything more than, to the store! He has caused a deep divide within our party. Has done nothing but reinforce the feelings that the republicans are crooked and nothing but about scandal.

In my opinion, Blackwell did this out of spite for what he perceives as a slight by our party. There could be no other logical excuse for this behavior. He is a hypocrite, poor sport, immature and vindictive. This is not a "Leader" we need in our party.

I guess Blackwell forgot what he wrote in his recent, Conservative Movement Needs Leaders letter. He states...

Conservatism in America is in need of leaders who demonstrate fidelity to principle. Voters across the nation expressed their growing dissatisfaction with Republican leadership.

Adherence to our essential principles by Republican leaders will return conservatism to triumph in our traditional two party system.

The battle conservatives face and must fight is for the recognition of the individual, in both our moral culture and in our marketplace. The human being is set apart by his ability of self-direction.

These statements ARE very true and would be great if he meant them. Too bad Ken does not practice what he preaches and is going in the wrong direction!

Every conservative minded person or republican should email or call the Ohio Republican Party and ask Mr. Bennett to do everything within his power to keep Ken Blackwell out of Ohio politics. This man should never be allowed to run for office in Ohio again!

Other blogs are saying....
You know, on some level it is really an achievement when a politician can get headlines even after they have left office. In Ken Blackwell's case, we shouldn't have been surprised. For those of you joining the party late, lets review what I call the Blackwell Transition Highlights: More...

Nothing like giving the democrats MORE ammo against us -

Jerid at Buckeye State Blog says-
So, if the Republicans EVER complain of fiscal irresponsibility or requests for an increased budget remind 'em about this one:

On his way out the door, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell handed 19 of his key employees more than $80,000 in bonuses, even as his replacement, Democrat Jennifer Brunner, said he left her some $1 million short to meet her office’s obligations for this fiscal year. more.....

Then, As Ohio, gives another resounding endorsement of Blackwell -

.....8k bonuses. Amazing, huh? ..... “For a lot of the employees, it was almost like a golden parachute,” Brunner told The Columbus Dispatch for a story Wednesday. “I just think that taxpayers’ expectation of how the government operates is that bonuses aren’t generally considered to be something that government does.” More....


Come on Mr. Blackwell, you have to get off! The RIDE is over!

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