Monday, January 22, 2007

Trial of Terror

Judge tells wife in terror-linked divorce to go home
Husband has threatened to kill her, 2 boys if they don't follow Islam
Posted: January 20, 2007 © 2007

A Tennessee woman who is seeking a divorce from her husband because of his alleged "ties to terrorism" and had traveled out of state to consult with her general counsel lawyer has returned home – under a judge's order to do that or lose that home until the divorce case is concluded.

Rosine Ghawji returned yesterday to her Memphis home under the order from Judge Donna M. Fields in the divorce case in which Mrs. Ghawji has alleged her husband is a self-proclaimed radical Islamist and "has threatened to kill her and her two boys if they did not abide by radical Islamic doctrine."
Mrs. Ghawji, who earlier filed a judicial ethics complaint against the judge alleging her concerns about terrorism have been excluded from the trial improperly, has confirmed that her husband also has told her he would be glad if their two teen sons, Louis and Takek, would blow themselves up for Allah.

Mrs. Ghawji also has alleged her husband has defined their sons' futures as being "good Muslims or dead." She's alleged the divorce judge improperly excluded her concerns over terrorism from the trial, and as a result of a variety of influences, including that from the FBI which she said, "has likely turned her husband into an informant," her trial lawyer was allowed to withdraw "without good cause" so that she no longer effectively can present her case.

Mrs. Ghawji, a Christian woman who once served as an FBI informant on her husband's alleged support of terrorism, said she wants a divorce because her husband, a self-described radical Muslim, has bragged of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the more radical groups in Islam.

Joe Kaufman, who has run an anti-terrorism organization for several years, noted that both of the Ghawji sons have, in e-mails and other communications, told friends their father was planning to take them to Syria against their will, and one noted that his grandfather has promised to beat him up when he arrived there.

She has said her husband's brother once bragged "we got them" when an explosion at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia killed 19 Americans. She also alleges her husband had an affair with a spokeswoman working for the Islamic Society of Central Florida.

That organization, she said, tried to sponsor a fundraiser featuring Siraj Wahhaj, who is on the U.S. Attorney’s list of potential co-conspirators to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

She's also said she spent hours waiting for her husband while he was in meetings at a mosque occupied by blind Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, now serving a life sentence in the SuperMax prison in Colorado on accusations he helped in the planning of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings in New York. More......


The whole story here is very interesting. It appears we have another Judge who feels they are above the law. It seems the judge in this case is using poor judgement and has a vendetta against this lady for disagreeing with the judges earlier decision about terrorism concerns.

From what I can see, the woman has put forth enough credible information regarding allegations of terrorist links, that should cause a concern for the safety of the women and her children. In this day and age, knowing the women was a CIA informant and the cave mannish attitude the muslim faith has towards women, I am at a loss for how this could be so easily dismissed by the judge.

Furthermore, with the domestic violence "awareness" and the zero tolerance policy, how could this man have not been put in jail already?


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  1. I will keep you guys in my prayers and i know that this will pass throught. Your husband is a crazy man. I dont know what his mind is thinking right now. Ive never known one man who doesnt take care of his wife and children even if they are getting divorced. I have read some of your other sites. I hope that the judge will lose her job and will never be able to become a judge again. Her mind is like a turtle, very slow. I hope the best for all of you guys.


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