Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who's the Pariah?

Saudi King - Iran putting region in danger

(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia told an Iranian envoy this month that Shi'ite power Iran was putting the Gulf region in danger, in a reference to Iran's conflict with Washington over Iraq and nuclear policy, a newspaper said.

In the interview in Kuwait's al-Seyassah on Saturday, King Abdullah also issued a veiled warning to Iran to quit what he said were efforts to spread Shi'ism in the Sunni-dominated Arab world.

The United States and its key ally Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of "interference" in Iraq, through backing Shi'ite militias and parties.... "The dangers it (Iranian government) could fall into will fall upon all of us." More...


Egyptian state paper attacks Iranian policies

CAIRO, Jan 26 (Reuters) - The editor of Egypt's most prestigious government newspaper said Iran was trying to spread Shi'a Islam in Arab countries that have no Shi'ites in an attempt to recreate an Iranian empire in the Middle East.

In a front-page editorial in al-Ahram on Friday, editor Osama Saraya accused the Iranian government of infiltrating hundreds of thousands of Iranians into Iraq.

Saraya, whose newspaper usually reflects government thinking. Continued Iran is working actively towards spreading Shi'ite doctrine even in countries which do not have a Shi'ite minority, for reasons...which have political dimensions, More...


Iran a source of tension in Afghanistan's western Herat

by Sylvie Briand HERAT, Afghanistan, Jan 25, 2007 (AFP) - The influence of Iran is a source of tension between Shiites and Sunnis that recently exploded into deadly violence in Afghanistan's western city of Herat, residents say.

It is even seeing some Shiites lean towards the hardline Taliban movement waging an insurgency that occasionally shatters the city's calm, some say.

Herat, 160 kilometres (100 miles) from the Iranian border, has long been under Persian influence: even today most women prefer the chador to the burqa, the markets are filled with Iranian products, and mosques are financed by Tehran. More...


Iran nearing satellite launch

Iran Focus Iran has converted a 30-ton ballistic missile into a satellite launch vehicle that will be used to send a satellite into space soon, a move that could have wider security implications, Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine reported.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the chairman of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, spoke about the upcoming launch to religious students and clerics in Qom.

The launcher is a version of the Shahab 3 missile that has a range of 800 to 1,000 miles, the magazine said, citing unidentified U.S. agencies. A missile of its kind could reach Saudi Arabia and as far west as Turkey.


Lebanese PM blames Iran, Syria for deadly protest

Jan 24, 2007 (AFP) - Lebanon's embattled premier has pinned the blame on Iran and Syria for a Hezbollah-backed nationwide opposition strike during which three people died, in remarks published here Wednesday.

Lebanon has "been paying the price of imposed decisions coming from outside countries, like Iran and Syria," Prime Minister Fuad Siniora told Japan's Kyodo News. More...


Jordan king urges Iran to avoid 'rattling' stability in region

AMMAN, Jan 24, 2007 (AFP) - Jordan's King Abdullah II called on Iran to avoid "rattling stability" in Iraq, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon, in an interview published Wednesday.

"We wish to see positive and balanced relations between Iraq and Iran, and between Arab countries and Iran," the monarch told the London-based Arabic daily Asharq Al-Awsat, also carried by Jordan's Petra news agency.

"We believe that Iran must refrain from seeking to rattle stability in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq and any other part of the region so that we can make progress towards building such relations," he said. More...


Great way to defend your country again John! After all these years and still a traitor!

So I guess in a couple days, we will get the "real" explanation of what he meant! Another apology and explanation is no longer sufficient.

John Kerry is the PARIAH!


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