Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Blackwell Babble

On Keeping Perspective and Beginning Again
By Ken Blackwell January 23, 2007 Reposted from; Town Hall

Although Los Angeles Dodgers’ center fielder Willie Davis was widely considered the fastest man in baseball throughout the 1960s and 70s, he is perhaps more often remembered for a remark he made following game two of the 1966 World Series against the Baltimore Orioles.

In the fifth inning Davis committed three errors on two consecutive plays. L.A. lost the game 8 to 4 and was swept in the series. When asked about his less than stellar performance, Davis dryly remarked, “It ain’t my life, and it ain’t my wife, so why worry?” Even more important than his amazing speed, Davis had extraordinary perspective.

More than once since the release of the November 7, 2006 general election results, I’ve given some thought to Mr. Davis’ quip.... While the results of the 2006 election represent a temporary set back to me......

In more than thirty years of pubic service one thing I have learned is that the only way a cause is truly lost is if the army is scattered and resolved to defeat. We are not defeated. Indeed, there is still work to do. More...

Ken Blackwell is the former Secretary of State of Ohio.


This guy ceases to amaze me! Blackwell of all people wants to compare his election to a team sport?

Ken Blackwell does not even understand the basic concept of being on a "Team". In thirty years he learned pretty darn good how to SCATTER an army!

We are not defeated? ONE MILLION VOTES

He thinks he has more work to do? There is no doubt this man intends to run for office again.

He can't even get his story straight - LA got shut out that game much like Ken in his election!

Maybe it it's how he figured the bonuses 9x0= $80,000

1966 World SeriesGame 2
Box Score
For Game 2, the Orioles' Jim Palmer was given the monumental task of keeping pace with Sandy Koufax... Silencing his critics, Baltimore's twenty year-old "underdog" finished on top by allowing only four hits for the 6-0 win. More...

Good story Ken!! Will you please move out of OHIO?


  1. I said this at RAB and I will say it here...KB is a great man and a great campaigner. But his willingness to cling to ideas that a majority of Ohioans do not believe in was his downfall. Look, most Ohioans do not go in for abortion on demand but the great majority of Ohioans believe that abortion because of rape and incest is ok. Blackwell clung to some imaginary pole that somehow the states unwillingness to have gay people married circa DOMA translated to a state of right wing ideologues and that is why he got killed.

  2. To a point i agree with you Ace. he became WAY to extreme. He alienated many indies, moderate and even conservative republicans.

    I heard Blackwell speak when Cheney came to town during bush election. MAN!!! Did this guy light up the room! I was very impressed and though this guy is going to go far someday.

    Admired him even more when he stood up to the party and did not fall step and fetch with them. Loved the way he stood up to Vu at Cuyahoga County BOE.

    When he first entered race for Gov. I got on board in the planning stages here in Cuyahoga County to start a campaign here for him. I was sold and really believed in this guy.

    Then his facade started falling apart - completely inept people running Cuyahoga County campaign, terrible state campaign.

    I won't even get into Shannon and his broken phone system.

    Was a rough primary and their were attacks. When he won the primary, he did nothing to mend fences. He did nothing to bring the party back together. Flip flopped on TEL.

    Cuyahoga County got behind him and he still held resentment over them giving Petro the endorsement. But his campaign chose to ignore northern ohio.

    He did nothing but made token attempts to reach out to african american community. Believe me they seen right through his photo ops with local black clergy.

    Had Blackwell been a true "leader" he would have embraced and brought us together.

    He refused unscripted debates, continued with rhetoric and inflaming people on the left.

    Attacked long time republicans during his general election in his feeble attempts at sensationalism in the headlines - (Turnpike).

    It got to the point every time the guy opened his mouth it made you want to cringe. Blackwells actions, statements and campaigns teams turned out to be the best thing Strickland had going for him.

    We could also add in how poorly his campaign treated his paid poll workers - like dogs.

    Blackwell, his campaign and that stuttering little toad Matt (RAB) have done nothing but divide the party after his election.

    Ken cannot not even accept the fact that HE lost the election for himself. But he and his pals STILL try to blame everyone else for his loss.

    The words he writes in his letters are just ink on paper. You can see right through Ken Blackwell. He is still dividing our party.

    had the Blackwell I first met ran for Governor, we would be dancing in Columbus now. The Blackwell, I heard speak would have overcame the republican resentment, he would have beat Rev. Ted all over Ohio.



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