Sunday, January 21, 2007

OH Boy! This is going to be fun!

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Announces White House Bid
Sunday, January 21, 2007 Fox News

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it official, announcing "I'm in" for the 2008 presidential race on her Web site.

The former first lady acknowledged her plans to take the first step of forming a presidential exploratory committee.

"I'm not just starting a campaign, though. I'm beginning a conversation with you, with America," Clinton says in her web message. She announced that she will be holding live, on-line video conferences with Americans starting Monday.

A polarizing figure since she burst onto the national scene during her husband's first presidential campaign, Clinton engenders strong opinions among voters, who either revere or revile her but rarely are ambivalent.

She often is compared to her husband..... others have criticized her for being overly cautious and calculating when so many voters say they crave authenticity.

Many Democrats, eager to reclaim the White House after eight years of President Bush, fret that she carries too much baggage ... More...


It is going to be very interesting watch Hillary and Obama go back and forth. Hillary has TONS of questionable baggage that can be picked apart.

The democrats on the blogs don't appear to be thrilled by her entering the race either. Over at Buckeye State Blog, it did not seem she was being well recieved. The pundits are also having a good deal to say at Real Clear Politics also.

For tons of reading about Hillary and her antics check thise site link below;


  1. It's gonna be fun to see what happens in the Dem primary.

  2. Viking, your right. I've seen Soros is pulling his support from her already and going with Osama, Sorry I meant Obama.

    I have heard the dems in Columbus are leaning towards Edwards. I don't know that much about all our candidates so far. but from what I can see, we are far better off.

    I like McCain, Guliani, love Newt. Still want to learn more about the others though. Romney has no shot of getting my support. He is already acting to much like John Kerry.



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