Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NEA - Education Nazis

The following bits are taken from an article, "Should public education be free?", written by Ellis Washington on World Net Daily.

The premise is a discussion on todays public education and touches on the overpaid non-productive schools, teachers, administrators and Nazi like NEA --

Setting: Socrates' Academy, Washington, D.C., 2007

Socrates: We are gathered here today at my Academy to discuss one very important question. Should a public school education be free?

NEA: {indignant} Of course public school education should be free. If it wasn't then the poor wouldn't get educated and would remain poor all their lives, generation after generation, which would lead to more crime and anarchy in society.

Socrates: Well, then why do you have such faith in what the poor can or cannot do? Perhaps it is because you and other so-called teacher's union members built your careers on exploiting poor inner-city children in the ghetto?

Socrates: Is it true, NEA, that over 70 percent of the public school teachers send their children to private schools and refuse to send them even to the public schools at which they teach?

NEA: {hesitant, contrite} Yes, that is correct, Master.

Socrates: Indeed, yet you feel qualified to construct this massive, multibillion-dollar bureaucracy called the Department of Education funded annually by craven politicians on both sides of the isle. Didn't public schools and quality education exist before this department was created by President Carter in 1979?

NEA: Yes, but we really need a Department of Education. It was created to make sure that all of America's kids have access to a free education, especially the poor, the underclass and the disenfranchised, but also to standardize teaching and testing procedures.

Socrates: Indeed, but aren't "access" and "mandatory" two different concepts? Which one should everyone have – access to a free education? And should this free education be mandatory? Who benefits from this egalitarian scheme? Only the NEA Nazis, the education bureaucrats, yet the people still foolishly fund the Department of Education and no political leader has the courage to tear down this temple erected to a pagan and false god called "free education."

Socrates: I restate my original question: Should public school be free? In light of the evidence presented at this dialogue, the logical conclusion, the rational conclusion, the just conclusion based upon equality under the law and human nature is that a public school should not be free...

This new educational system based completely on merit will weed out the lazy, the ignorant, the disinterested, the violent, the unqualified, the moron, and leave only those students who are truly interested in learning.

Like Hitler's Brownshirts, your NEA union members (teachers) are your foot soldiers in their 100-plus year assault on education under the guise of educating kids. They are what Lenin called "useful idiots." They are the willing accomplices in your grand scheme not to educate, but to control and dominate the entire bureaucracy of education.

This is why you, along with the ACLU and other radical socialist groups, had to remove God from the public schools, for America's Judeo-Christian traditions would have exposed your nefarious, anti-education schemes – until now.

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