Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anti-US blog - Mudheads in Mudville claims Evangelicans same as Taliban

The far left & American bashing blog, Politics in Mudville, has now taken to trying to equate the Evangelicals to the Taliban.

Regarding the book, The Jesus Machine, the mudhead posts;
Author Dan Gilgoff was the guest on C-Span's Washington Journal this morning and he was speaking of the Evangelicals and their influence in the politics of America.

It should come as no surprise to those who read my blog that I am suspicious, at best, of this political movement. In fact, I have linked their meddling in US politics to what the Taliban had done in Afghanistan: projecting their religious beliefs into law.

I do not back away from this connection; zealots in the Christian right work feverishly to change the Constitution to fit their moral laundry list. They also wish a litmus test for judges so that they interpret the laws in light of their vision of

While I would equate the far right Christians (Bible Thumpers & Holy Rollers) as a little over zealous, but no more than the far left liberals bound to advance homo sexual agendas and the moral decline in our country.

To compare Evangelicals to the Taliban is nothing short complete ignorance to religion, the founding of our country and the facts.

As hard as someone tries, it cannot be disputed that our founding documents were based and created on Christian beliefs. I know this kills the liberal Christian hating left!

In recent times, I cannot recall any Evangelical Death Squads killing people that sinned or were non-believers as the Taliban did. If that was the case, people like mudhead would be swinging from a tree.

I guess only the left can try and rewrite the Constitution and history.


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