Sunday, February 18, 2007

Biden - "I'm the only one with a plan"

As the democrats in congress and their nominee hopefuls continue to flounder and undermine our efforts in the Iraq War, Biden now spouts off that he has a plan to fix everything.

In an interview on the way to speak with the Story County Democrat Club in Iowa, Biden claims only his plan, based on his vast experience in foreign affairs, will work.

Biden dismissing the other candidates plans as tactics that will leave the region unstable, touted his plan of creating three separate regions to be divided by ethnicity.

In somewhat of an articulate way, Biden remarked-
``They have tactics, not a plan,'' Biden told The Associated Press on Friday.

``What are they going to do, stop the civil war? ... There's a lot of people who have ideas about how to get out, but not many ideas about how to leave something more stable behind.

Biden expounded on his plans for Iraq during the interview, and touted himself as the Democrat with the best and broadest knowledge of foreign policy.

Biden said violence in Iraq could be alleviated if the country implements what he calls a federal system, in which Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis would be divided into separate regions to avoid conflict.

``The only way you get control is if one of three things happen,'' he said. ``One, one side wins in a bloodbath, ... two, the desire to fight expires, ... or three, you install a federal system.''Biden said his plan for Iraq and years of service on the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, which he chairs, would allow him to make a compelling case to voters.

``I think the next president will have to show a depth and breadth of knowledge in national security matters,'' he said. ``They'll need to have the right plans and right ideas.''

This seems more like get out your crayons and draw new borders for three countries to me. Much like the rest of the democrat's 'tactics' or 'plans', this one is short sighted and shows Biden is delusional in his understanding of foreign relations.

The mindless plan of Biden's will create more turmoil within Iraq and would probably not sit to well with neighboring countries.

Biden's empty plan does not address what I would consider some important issues in the region.

How would the oil assets in Iraq be divided?

How would areas of mixed ethnicity be divided?

Would each region have their own police force and army?

What would be the effect of Iran's reach in the Shiite area?

How would other Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia feel about this plan?

How would Turkey feel with a sovereign Kurdish region on their border?

This is only a few questions off the top of my head that are not addressed in his "plan" and I am sure there are plenty more.

I suppose he thinks the Muslim extremists and terrorists will go home and play backgammon if his plan is instituted.

Dividing Iraq would increase the violence and turmoil and would throw the region into a tailspin towards more terrorism.


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