Monday, February 19, 2007

Cuyahoga Board of Elections

Now that Vu is finally gone from the Cuyahoga Board of Elections, the jockeying to fill the new post begins.

I have been hearing that Senator Bob Spada and former State Rep and former RPCC chairmen Jim Trakas may be interested in the position. This leaves us with many scenarios that could take place.

I found this today, after reading all the self promotion, on Scott Pullins (Man of a Million frivolous Lawsuits) site the Pullins Report -
Gongwer News Service (subscription required), reported on Friday that State Senator Bob Spada is applying to be Director or Deputy Director of the troubled Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.RAB and others wrote last year that this deal was in the works and that former State Rep. Jim Trakas would get the appointment to the Senate seat.

Lately, however, newly elected State Rep. Josh Mandel has been getting a lot of buzz. The Senate is apparently looking at Josh because of his deep ties in the Cleveland legal and Jewish communities, and his strong fundraising abilities. Mandel replaced Trakas last month because of term limits.

Appointing Mandel to the Senate could be problematic, however. First, it puts another GOP house seat into play in the already slim Republican majority. In addition, an appointment of Mandel could set up an expensive GOP primary battle between him and term limited Rep. Tom Patton. Mandel may even choose to turn his fundraising strength into a top leadership position in the House and run for the Senate later.

At the same time, Senator Spada's quest to run the Cuyahoga Board of Elections may simply not pass muster. He doesn't really bring any exceptional qualities to the table and his appointment will just look like another PERS sweetheart deal for a career politician.

Instead of worrying about Senator Spada's qualities, Mr. I'll Sue You Pullins should look at his own. I have never read more shameless self-promotion than on his site.

Both are good republicans and either would be a great addition to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Any thought's about the Director or Deputy Director positions from people that live in Cuyahoga County?


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