Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Endorses Clinton

I try not to make a habit of reading democrat blogs, but I check out Buckeye State Blog on occasion. The nice thing is Jerid, will not BLOCK, censor or remove posts if you disagree with them.

Redenemy, who has some great biting remarks on Kookcinich, posted a link that shows who is endorsing what presidential candidates -

From The Hill's running scorecard {pdf}: Cleveland Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones has endorsed Sen. Clinton's run for the White House. While it didn't make the headlines, one has to wonder how this endorsement changes the playing field in Ohio.

For obvious reason, I figured Jones to support Barak. Her support for Hillary is very intersting and makes me wonder if her base here will support this decision. I don't think the dems from this area would support a women for president.

If Hillary wins the primary, I am sure STJ will be bringing her to Cleveland often. This may give the republicans in Ohio, a chance to decide our president again.

Makes me think - Will it be more fun to campaign against Hillary than it was against John Kerry?


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