Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anti-Christian Rage in India

It appears the Anti-Christian sentiment is quite common in India. Many cases go unreported because the police are routinely involved or have no problem covering these abuses up.

It has been reported by, Voice of Martyrs, that a group of youths were recently yelling anti-Christians insults in front of Christian mans home. After they refused to leave, he went inside to call the police. The youths then broke into his home and stabbed him as his wife was watching.

From World Net Daily -
Stanley and his wife came out of the house and asked the youths to leave. This angered them further and they began stoning the house and tried violently to force themselves through Stanley's gate," the sources reported.

While Stanley was inside the home calling police, the attackers climbed over a locked gate, broke into the house and stabbed him in the back, neck and stomach, and then assaulted his wife, the sources said.

A number of organizations that monitor the level of Christian persecution worldwide consistently rank India as among those nations that are a significant concern.

Several states there have passed anti-conversion laws, which ban anyone from changing religious beliefs through "force, fraud or allurement." They are perceived as being targeted at Christians since the laws define "allurement" as any indication of an assured life after death, such as Christianity teaches. And "force" is being defined as any indication of a presence of a "divine displeasure."

Even government reports within India have documented the frequent harassment and persecution of minority Christians by Hindu extremists, who have falsified complaints to have Christians arrested, have physically destroyed Christians' homes and businesses, and have attacked and killed Christians.

One of the local police officers in that situation allegedly was part of the attacking mob, which is why many times persecution of Christians is difficult to document....

According to the World Evangelical Alliance, more than 200 million Christians in at least 60 nations including India are routinely denied fundamental human rights solely because of their faith. Whole Story

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