Thursday, February 22, 2007

New game at NYU: 'Find the Illegal Immigrant'

I feel New York University needs to be recognized and commended for allowing a College Republican event, 'Find the Illegal Immigrant", that some may deem offensive and not politically correct.

At a time when our "right to free speech" is being challenged and replaced with right to selective politically correct speech, NYU, sets itself apart from most of the other colleges promoting a culture of liberalism and pushing a democrat agenda.

World News Daily reported -
A student Republican club at New York University is planning a "Find the Illegal Immigrant" game tomorrow, sparking complaints of racism and a potential protest.

The object of the game is to be the first to point out a club member wearing a nametag reading "Illegal Immigrant," with the winner receiving a gift certificate. Students need to show their NYU identification to be deemed "INS" agents in order to search for the person wearing the tag.

"The person that is being the 'illegal immigrant' is not an actual undocumented worker or illegal immigrant," Sarah Chambers, 21, president of the College Republicans, told the New York Daily News. "Just because we don't want illegal immigrants being able to completely disregard the laws of our country doesn't make us racist."

Chambers says the game is provocative, and is meant to get students to pay attention and debate the issue of illegal immigration.

"It's racist, and embarrassing for NYU," law student Marcus Amelkin told WCBS-TV. "I think it's offensive," Eugenia Kuri, a senior at NYU who is an international student from Mexico, told the station. "The way they are trying to make their point, a lot of people die trying to cross the border every day. I don't think it should be made a joke of."

NYU officials released a statement explaining why the college is allowing the game. Spokesman John Beckman writes:

"At universities, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas – even difficult and unpopular ideas – is a key mission. We hope the debates will be conducted with respect and civility, and will be driven by an impulse to provoke thought rather than anger. Illegal immigration is a totally appropriate topic for debate, though this event seems principally calculated to produce outraged reaction rather than dialogue.

"Our inclination is always to support free speech. Just as one group of students will conduct this so-called 'game,' others will be protesting it. At a university, this is exactly the kind of outcome we hope for from engaged students and scholars."

While some may find this a tasteless event, free speech does not have to be politically correct speech. More and more our right to free speech is being redefined by liberals as to what they feel is acceptable to their agenda.

Case in point - Former NBA player, Tim Hardaway's anti- gay remarks drew criticism and the usual attacks of bigotry whenever someone speaks out and states they find homosexuality offensive.

Yet, since most democrats/ liberals are against the war, they find it OK to verbally attack our government and the President with unabated viciousness.


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